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6-week Innovation Camp in Berlin

Out of a thousand applicants, Jyoti won his way to the Palomar5 Innovation Camp from9 October – 22 November, sponsored by Deutsche Telekom.  Thirty creative people under the age of 30 from all over the world are spending six weeks in Berlin to dream and develop “the workspace of the future”.  The results will be presented to 300 top business representatives and political leaders at a two-day summit, 23-24 November.

Appearances included the results presentation of the National IT Summit’s Delphi Study research into the future of ICTs (information and communication technologies) in Germany; and the Vision Summit with Muhammad Yunus.

Swiss Armed Forces

Because of his Swiss citizenship, Jyoti Guptara was drafted into the Swiss Armed Forces.  After scoring high marks in his recruitment tests and being awarded with the Sports Distinction, Jyoti trained in Thun with the Armoured Grenadiers (Panzergrenadier), one of the nation’s toughest units. Upon withdrawing for medical reasons, Guptara decided to do civilian service instead of switching to a less challenging unit.

Jyoti’s military service lasted from June to August 2009, during which time he wrote a weekly column for Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland’s largest subscribed daily newspaper, about the experience of being an intellectual author in the boot camp of an elite strike force.

Guptara Twins Suresh and Jyoti with Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan’s Global Humanitarian Forum

Guptara Twins Suresh and Jyoti with Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan with Guptara Twins Suresh and Jyoti

Guptara Twins speak at the inaugral Youth Forum of Kofi Annan’s Global Humanitarian Forum about climate change, Fantasy and escapism.  From Geneva they went directly into readings in Germany, most notably at the largest privately owned fantasy & sci-fi library in the world, the Phantastische Bibliothek in Wetzlar.  They were pleased to be invited back this year for an appearance at the annual Fantasy night near Frankfurt along with Germany’s biggest Fantasy authors.  Suresh and Jyoti were featured on the cover of the book mag Hits for Kids.

guptara twins 100 wichtigste schweizer

Guptara Twins among “100 Most Important Swiss 2008”

guptara twins 100 wichtigste schweizerSuresh and Jyoti are two of the few teenagers to be included in this year’s “The 100 Most Important Swiss” (“Die 100 Wichtigsten Schweizer”) by Schweizer Illustrierte, in their annual 1st of August (Swiss national day) special edition.

Calaspia Literary Tour of England

This summer, the Guptara Twins accompany ten promising young writers, the winners of the international Calaspia Storytelling Competition, on a 10-day literary tour of England.  As well as speaking at the C. S. Lewis Summer Institute, they visit literary landmarks in London, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Cambridge and Oxford, and and are working on creating a TV documentary series.

Calaspia in Italian

Suresh and Jyoti Guptara were invited to the Mare di Libri festival in Rimini for the launch of I regni di Calaspia. La cospirazione in Italian, published by Mondadori in its prestigious i grandi range.  They met fellow Fantasy author Licia Troisi and were featured in Italy’s top newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, among others.

German Book Tour

March, April, May 2008

Calaspia. Die Verschwörung was released in March in publisher Rotfuchs’s biggest ever media and marketing campaign, launched at the Leipzig Book Fair.  Between March and May, the Twins gave over 60 German-language readings and 100 interviews in Germany and Switzerland.  After this intense promotional period, Suresh and Jyoti will only give the odd reading as they concentrate on “their real work”.

Competition Judges Announced

The following eminent Judges are to select the Winners for the Calaspia International Storytelling Competition based on creativity and innovation:

  • Gurcharan Das, world-famous business guru, columnist & playwright;
  • Bianca Jagger the renowned social and human rights advocate;
  • Dr Michael Nobel, great-grand-nephew of the founder of the Nobel Prizes, and immediate past-President of the Nobel Family Society;
  • Alec Sokolow, Oscar® nominated screenwriter (Evan Almighty, Garfield, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Toy Story);
  • G. P. Taylor, best-selling author (Shadowmancer, Wormwood, Tersias)

United Nations Geneva, Sept 2007

Suresh and Jyoti were participants and speakers at the Global Forum for Youth and ICT for Development in Geneva as the youth ambassadors of NABU.

SWITZERLAND, GENEVA, 26th – 29th September

Yes, we had barely rubbed the gangrene from our limbs (intercontinental flights), thrown piles of clothes from one heap to another, deleted spam – uh, invitations to go out with friends – and piled the dirty dishes in the kitchen for our dear sister to wash, when again we had to pack our bags and hop, this time into trains, for Geneva.

The USA book tour and meetings with our German publisher left us quite breathless.  Next was a completely different challenge though, one of brainstorming, relationship forging and international diplomacy…  Can the Millennium Depelopment Goals be rescued by Youth and ICT?  *Sound epic music*  Read on to find out! More >

100,000 copy FIRST PRINT RUN Calaspia in GERMAN

Rotfuchs, youth imprint at Rowohlt Publishers, has announced a sensational 100,000 copy first print of Calaspia: Die Verschwörung, the German edition of Conspiracy of Calaspia, for release at the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2008, incidentally Rowohlt’s 100th anniversary.

GERMANY, HAMBURG – REINBEK, 12th – 13th September 2007

Whereas California was hot, Germany had been misty and raining for weeks.  We brought the sun with us wherever we went on this entire tour (you are very welcome, partners).

Rowohlt, our German publisher, is celebrating its 100th anniversary next year 2008.  It was therefore an especially big honour to be asked to present our book to the Representatives in person, whose job it is to sell us to bookstore owners.  This was the first in a string of wonderful meetings, most of which we have not been able to contribute to but for which we are happy to leave the publishers to their own devices, resulting in a first print run of a 100,000 of Calaspia: Die Verschwörung (Conspiracy of Calaspia in German). More >