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Accepted for Publication!

Good news: I woke up at 08.00 this morning!

But the story doesn’t end there.  I woke up because my father woke me for exercise (although he did not wake me for exercise).

It gets better still; before I could be motivated to get out of bed and begin the violent process of circulating blood around my body, a rush of blood to the head was inspired by a phone call.  My father said it would be for me in his typical manner, but it was eight o’clock – all my friends would be at school.  However, it did turn out to be for me.  Debbie Smith from Tara Press, Bahrisons, India.

They liked our book, and they had given it to a Reader, who had read it cold (without any information about the authors, including our age).  The Reader had liked it very much, and so had the other people in the publishing house.  Basically, they want to publish us!

Very exciting!  Very, very cool!

But … not as much as you would have thought, considering we’ve been waiting for publication for 5 years already. As Dan Gilbert says: we consistently overestimate the emotional impacts of events.  Precisely because we’ve been looking forward to acceptance for so long, with such ecstasy, reaching the goal loses some of its magic.  It’s more of a relief than anything else.  But that made the journey all the more interesting.

As we were to discover, this is anything but the end.  This is the beginning.

First Calaspia Sale: to Indian Publisher, March 2006

Rights into territories in South and South-East Asia to epic fantasy Conspiracy of Calaspia sold to Tara Press, fiction imprint of India Research Press, for publication in November 2006, while the Guptara Twins are still 17 years old.

Jyoti’s visit to Frankfurt Book Fair 2004

8th October 2004

On Friday the eighth of October, I was sitting on my father & mother’s bed talking with them about our book and publishers.  I mentioned the Frankfurt Book fair, and my father told me a little about it.  My brother had suggested that it would be better to go once I was already published, and not go to seek out publishers.  My father said that actually it could be a good way of getting questions answered and receiving advice.

‘It’s on now, though,’ I said, ‘apparently.’

‘Why don’t you run upstairs and find out then?’ said my father.  ‘Quickly do an internet search.  If it is on at present, then we’ll have to act fast.  We need a synopsis, and some copies of the manuscript.’ More >

Jyoti Leaves School to be Full-time Writer, July ’04

With only a handful of articles and short stories published and no book publisher in sight, Jyoti Guptara leaves Switzerland’s prestigious “Kantonsschule / Gymnasium” to study by himself at home and to write, becoming one of the world’s youngest full-time writers. Meanwhile, Suresh does brilliantly at Bradfield College boarding school in the UK.

Jyoti Guptara Published in The Wall Street Journal, June 2004

Jyoti’s article on the casting for Harry Potter’s Viktor Krum in Bulgaria is published in The Wall Street Journal. Editors say that he, a 15-year-old, is possibly the youngest person the Journal has ever published. See Pic | Read the Article