Jyoti attended the flamboyant Kitabfest, the International Literature and Media Festival, in Mumbai, India, where he talked along with leading writers, publishers, agents and film directors from Britain and the Indian subcontinent.

21st and 22nd February 2007

I arrive at Delhi Int. airport.  Someone is supposed to be waiting for me, but my fears materialise: I see no plaque reading “Jyoti Guptara” or, if they are more security-conscious, something like “Samarth’s Wedding”. My Swiss phone is out of juice and my Indian phone has expired, and would not work anyway because it was purchased in Goa.  But a payphone call with my “Chacha” puts things back on course, and I discover that beyond the two Exits there are yet further reception areas.  Fortunately, on the horizon of new plaques one of them reads my name. The driver wheels my luggage to the car park before I realise I’ve left my papers with contact details, an absolute essential, in the pay phone booth.  Run back and retrieve them from the operator, whom I leave looking like he wants a reward.

Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  It’s good to be back.

Whereas other countries endure chaotic organisation, India happily boasts organised chaos. More >