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United Nations Geneva, Sept 2007

Suresh and Jyoti were participants and speakers at the Global Forum for Youth and ICT for Development in Geneva as the youth ambassadors of NABU.

SWITZERLAND, GENEVA, 26th – 29th September

Yes, we had barely rubbed the gangrene from our limbs (intercontinental flights), thrown piles of clothes from one heap to another, deleted spam – uh, invitations to go out with friends – and piled the dirty dishes in the kitchen for our dear sister to wash, when again we had to pack our bags and hop, this time into trains, for Geneva.

The USA book tour and meetings with our German publisher left us quite breathless.  Next was a completely different challenge though, one of brainstorming, relationship forging and international diplomacy…  Can the Millennium Depelopment Goals be rescued by Youth and ICT?  *Sound epic music*  Read on to find out! More >

100,000 copy FIRST PRINT RUN Calaspia in GERMAN

Rotfuchs, youth imprint at Rowohlt Publishers, has announced a sensational 100,000 copy first print of Calaspia: Die Verschwörung, the German edition of Conspiracy of Calaspia, for release at the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2008, incidentally Rowohlt’s 100th anniversary.

GERMANY, HAMBURG – REINBEK, 12th – 13th September 2007

Whereas California was hot, Germany had been misty and raining for weeks.  We brought the sun with us wherever we went on this entire tour (you are very welcome, partners).

Rowohlt, our German publisher, is celebrating its 100th anniversary next year 2008.  It was therefore an especially big honour to be asked to present our book to the Representatives in person, whose job it is to sell us to bookstore owners.  This was the first in a string of wonderful meetings, most of which we have not been able to contribute to but for which we are happy to leave the publishers to their own devices, resulting in a first print run of a 100,000 of Calaspia: Die Verschwörung (Conspiracy of Calaspia in German). More >

USA Book Tour

Suresh and Jyoti started with meetings and interviews in New York before going on to San Jose, Monterey, San Francisco and Los Angeles. They were presented with Scrolls of Honour by the County of Los Angeles for donating 1,000 copies of Calaspia and promoting literacy and education with young people. The Twins gave a variety of public appearances including live TV (e.g. Fox and KTLA The Morning Show).

Guptara Twins Promoted the Calaspia Storytelling Competition, 23 Aug – 10 Sep 2007

It’s our first time in the USA.  Yes, that’s right.
Whenever you tell this to an American in America, they think they haven’t heard aright.  “What?  Seriously?  You’ve never been to the States?”  We reply that that’s the gist of it.  Having seen East and West Coasts now (but, unfortunately, not much in between), we can appreciate their point of view.  Nevertheless, one can’t help but think of the millions of Americans who have never been to another country, let alone crossed the pond to another continent; and that no one would say to the rest, upon hearing that they have set foot for the first time in, say, Switzerland: “Are you sure?  You have never been in the Alps?  Never tasted real – real – Swiss Fondue?”

NEW YORK, 23rd – 29th August 2007

First stop was New York, where we had an interview with ImaginAsian TV, the first channel in the US dedicated More >