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“ Most enjoyable … As soon as I finished, I started reading it again. ”
– Richard Adams
(Watership Down)

“ The debut of young authors Suresh and Jyoti Guptara leaves you hungry for more.
Calaspia captivates with its fresh style and the unusually told story.
What does one expect from a fantasy novel? An exciting story, at least as many adorable as detestable characters, powerful magic and grand pictures, epic fights and beautiful princesses? Sure.
But those who think this alone is not enough – and, in addition to this, are looking for a well-written story, moving emotions, and one of those completely and utterly unusual stories where you can’t wait to turn the pages – should try THIS book…
An astounding first novel from (equally astoundingly) young authors, about whom we will certainly hear a lot in future. ”
– Wolfgang Hohlbein
Germany’s best known Fantasy author

“ the extraordinary epic fantasy novel, in the genre of Lord of the Rings, by 17-year old twin brothers who have been plotting together since early childhood. A large-scale drama, following classic themes of good and evil… and this first book is only a foretaste of what is to come! ”

– Patrick Dixon
One of the “twenty most influential business thinkers alive today,” author of twelve books (Island of Bolay, Futurewise)

“ It is not often that one finds oneself reading a fantasy novel written by authors who are still in school … A notable debut that will surely be of interest to Shannara fans. ”
– Theodore Beale
(Eternal Warriors series: The War in Heaven, The World in Shadow, Wrath of Angels)

“ Most books of this genre require readers to make an effort, warm up their motors, and only then shift into a new timescape.
A rare handful lure you to plunge into their depths, and beyond.
More than a story, this is an adventure of the imagination. And yet, it remains grounded, subtly, amidst some of the timeless verities of human nature.
Very truly unputdownable ”

– Ashutosh Sheshabalaya
(Rising Elephant, an analysis of India’s emergence and its implications for the world)

“ splendid work … betrays sheer genius … masterfully crafted; fantasy at its best … brilliantly portrayed.
A unique addition to the world of outstanding literature … as appealing to adults as children, if not more so.
It was hard to put this book down (and truly frustrating whenever I had to). … holds ones attention forever! … would make a great movie. ”

– Rabi Maharaj
Death of a Guru, the international bestseller translated into over 60 languages



“Intimidating talent”


“They are amazing”
– FOX News

“…repeatedly playing with perspective and truth, body and soul, illusion and reality”

“ Incredible ”
Hindustan Times

“ Wunderkinder ”
Thurgauer Zeitung,

“ All set to claim literary fame ”
Tehelka, the People’s Paper,

“ Talented twins … epic fantasy ”
Asians in Media,

“ Precocious … positively venerable at 17 ”
Business Standard

“ Twins enter world of words with flair … exceptional ”
The Hindu

“ Extraordinary … Rife with intrigue, deception, ancient magic and adventure … plots, sub-plots and counter-plots, with a strong undertone of satire ”
The Asian Age

“ Intrige mit weltverschwörerischen Dimensionen ”
“ Intrigue of cosmically conspiratorial proportions ”
Idea Spektrum, Switzerland

“ Those who like Lord of the Rings and Narnia will love Conspiracy of Calaspia

“ More than a story … Calaspia is a subtle parody ”
Daily India

“ full of satire and symbols alongside action and adventure ”
South Asia News

“ The Guptara Twins have … enriched the world of fantasy ”
Schweizer Buchhandel, Switzerland

“ Suresh and Jyoti Guptara … enough to make a publisher insanely happy. Happen to be teenagers – all of 17, and good-looking, to boot ” – Outlook India

“ If you liked Harry Potter and yearn to live in the Shire, you’re sure to love … Conspiracy of Calaspia. Suresh and Jyoti Guptara’s debut … a magical yarn of heroism, cowardice, treachery and deception ”
Express India

“ The Guptara twins are becoming a symbol for all youth of the state [India] … Given the richness of Indian mythology, critics believe Calaspia may become a model and source of inspiration for many other aspiring authors. ” – Asia News, 2006

Conspiracy of Calaspia is ‘Book One’ of the ‘Insanity Saga’ by the precociously young Guptara twins. They write in an assured and confident manner, full of intelligence and imagination that one requires to weave magic and mystery in fantasy fiction. One thing that stood out is their fine use of dialogue-writing and their sense of timing. The novel is cleverly-paced and well written and the authors conduct their art with a sense of passion, one that is evident in musicians when they perform highly practised jugalbandis or duets. I look forward to ‘Book Two’ of the series – they have made a very bright and confident start to their innings, as they both currently continue batting with unbeaten centuries under their belt. ”

– Sudeep Sen in ATLAS, Editor’s Choice

“ A tale of grit and courage … an epic novel … deals with a potpourri of plots involving life, betrayal, murder, deception, suspicion, friendship, enmity and mystery … the beginning of an epic tale ”
News Today

“ The literary debut of Brothers Guptara is sure to spice up the literary scene ”
India Today

“ The fantasy novel of the year ”
Books Today