Peacemaker’s Pyre (#3)

First published as Erbe des Apheristen, Rowohlt, 2010, 784 pages


The day of decision dawns.

By the time Bryn and his allies recapture the capitol, the conspiracy has done its damage: the warping influence of Insanity has permeated the moral fibre of society. The search for his own identity pulls Bryn ever deeper into the true history of Calaspia’s most powerful institution: the Apheristian church. Against a backdrop of anarchy, Bryn must defeat the Cult before nature itself turns against them.

But battling Insanity puts everything in question. Were their enemies fighting for good all along? Does the end justify the means? When Bryn finally unmasks the conspirators, he must decide whether he can stomach joining hands to prevent a far greater calamity . . .

calaspia 3 cover 3d