Rotfuchs, youth imprint at Rowohlt Publishers, has announced a sensational 100,000 copy first print of Calaspia: Die Verschwörung, the German edition of Conspiracy of Calaspia, for release at the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2008, incidentally Rowohlt’s 100th anniversary.

GERMANY, HAMBURG – REINBEK, 12th – 13th September 2007

Whereas California was hot, Germany had been misty and raining for weeks.  We brought the sun with us wherever we went on this entire tour (you are very welcome, partners).

Rowohlt, our German publisher, is celebrating its 100th anniversary next year 2008.  It was therefore an especially big honour to be asked to present our book to the Representatives in person, whose job it is to sell us to bookstore owners.  This was the first in a string of wonderful meetings, most of which we have not been able to contribute to but for which we are happy to leave the publishers to their own devices, resulting in a first print run of a 100,000 of Calaspia: Die Verschwörung (Conspiracy of Calaspia in German).

It was the first time we were reading the German translation aloud, together, and was not bad as such.  We were somewhat surprised when, instead of clapping, the Representatives started to hit the tables – which, given the cups and saucers, made for a rattling, jangling, altogether nerve-wracking sound across the circumference of tables – but, upon learning this was a sign of appreciation, smiled and nodded, and have adopted the same policy ever since.  (This drew funny looks at the United Nations in Geneva, where we went next.)

Honestly, we never knew it was possible to be THIS busy!

Deadlines for Book Two in the Insanity Saga loom ever closer, and at short notice we spend weeks and weeks jet-setting.  Still, it was worth it.

Nice hotels, trains, taxis, airports and buildings, but we don’t get to see much in between…  Who’s complaining?

Yours, excited,