Conspiracy of Calaspia (#1)


Evil has a new face – the face of reason.

When his village is destroyed by creatures presumed to be extinct, Bryn joins a motley group that risks everything to stop Insanity, an insidious power that defies logic. Why target the Barue, an innocent tribe with the uncanny ability to sense emotions? And is there such a thing as safety, or have they been playing into the hands of their enemies all along?

The Insanity Saga follows the adventures of Bryn Bellyset, heir to a financial empire that brews Calaspia’s most popular drink, Swigny. Instead of living it up, Bryn must fight Insanity, a corruptive force that originates in the Invisible World.

Because monsters are much easier to kill than the monster in mankind…

Reviewscalaspia adazing 3d cover


“Most enjoyable … As soon as I finished, I started reading it again.” – Richard Adams, Watership Down


“Some of our fave books” – MTV Voices


 “Many authors struggle to old age to write a book like this.  The Guptara twins have done it in their teens. (…) They are set to become classic fantasy writers.  Amazing stuff…”
– G. P. Taylor, New York Times #1 bestselling author (Shadowmancer)